Membership at The Pottery Studio

Our One Shelf Membership is $140-$150/month for regular shelves, and $160-$170 month for a top shelf.  Glaze fire is $1.25 per pound. Pieces over 12" are $2.25 per pound. We are a Cone 10 studio. Members have 24 hr access. We have a variety of clays available for purchase and a range of high-fire glazes for members to use. Members supply their own tools and bats. 

To sign up for membership, you can visit our shops Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday noon to 4pm.  We ask each individual signing up for membership comes in person so we can meet you and show you around!

Cypress Park, Los Angeles:  2808 Elm Street Los Angeles CA 90065

Sherman Oaks: 14943 Califa Street Sherman Oaks CA 91411

Culver City: 8455 Steller Drive Culver City CA 90232

Costa Mesa: 2972 Century Place Costa Mesa CA 92626

Chicago: 2525 N. Elston Ave Chicago IL 60647

San Francisco: 2394 Folsom Street San Francisco CA 94110


How do I become a member?  To sign up for membership you can visit us in person, Tuesday Thursday Saturday noon to 4pm. You may want to confirm availability via email
What are the requirements to become a member?  We ask members be comfortable working independently in the space and responsible for cleaning up after themselves. We don't have a certain year or set requirement, but members should be familiar with safe and responsible use of the studio equipment and space and comfortable creating and maintaining their personal work. 
What are the membership guidelines or policies To familiarize yourself with our polices, as we have on our membership form, you can see that by clicking here. 

If I am a member, is there a discount on classes?

Classes and membership are separate, but if you are a member and want to take a class you can cancel your membership during your class and rejoin. We also occasionally offer workshops that we try to keep an accessible cost to encourage continued learning with members. 

What is the difference between the Top Shelf Membership and the Regular Membership?

 Top shelves are just the ones on the very top of the rows of shelving - they can house larger work, more tools, etc. All other rates are the same. 

If I am a member at one studio, can I use any of the other studios? 

 Because your shelf is linked to your studio location, we ask that members work at the studio where their shelf is. If, for instance, your friend is a member at another one of our studios and you wanted to meet up with them to enjoy being in the studio together on occasion, you can request to do so by emailing us.

I'm a member, how do I request a guest pass?  Please fill the form out here and we will review and confirm. We need at least 2-3 days to get back to you with a purchase link, and please note same day requests may not be fulfilled.  Click here. 
I'm a member and accidentally double printed a ticket at the kiosk. How do I let you know? Email us here!

I'm confused or surprised by how my piece turned out.

Who do I talk to?

 Email us! Send us photos and any information you have. We are eager to help and offer some guidance about what to expect with cone 10 firing and how to troubleshoot when things don't come out as planned. And it is really helpful for us to see the photos. We have a network of longtime potters and kiln builders who we can contact with just about any issue, and many of us have a lot of experience with particular clay or glazes that we are happy to share. Email us: clayandsupply (at)

How do I cancel my membership? By completing this form with the instructions about clearing your shelf and emailing us. Cancellations must be submitted before the 1st of the month. Cancellations are not prorated for partial months. 


Many more questions answered as well in our FAQ ! 

Shelf in pottery studio