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Membership Policies



CONE 10 ONLY. Do not bring in outside work that is not your own. Any use of lower temp clay or glazes may result in charges for damage. Firing is $1.25 per pound for items up to 12”. Oversize items are $2.25/ per pound. 

We do our best to fire work in an excellent and efficient manner; however things can happen in the kilns and we are not responsible for unexpected results or kiln variations, and we do not take financial liability for the work, or for production timelines. Glazes are for STUDIO USE ONLY and should not be taken out of studio. 


Do not sand in the studio; or store/mix dry materials or powders. No pets/dogs in the studio. No recycling on the wedging tables; please wipe all surfaces after use.

No guests without permission at any time. Understand that breaking the guest policy will result in a $200 penalty. No shared shelves or memberships (one person per shelf, per membership.)

Members are expected to be respectful of staff and other potters, to share tables and equipment, and clean up after themselves. Work may not be stored on tables or shelves that do not belong to the member. Members who do not follow the conduct expectations may be asked to leave. Members use the studio entirely at their own risk.

We do offer classes in the space, and a portion of the wheels are reserved for those class times. Members are expected to be respectful of teachers and students in the space, and understand that these are busier times in the studio. Students are not allowed to practice in the studio outside of their class times to keep equipment accessible for members. Class times are posted in the studio and on the website.


One shelf is $140 monthly. Top shelf $160 monthly. 24 hour access. Members are billed for firing fees on their monthly bill. Billing is recurring on the first of the month until cancelled, per our cancellation policies.


 To cancel: you must clear your shelf and notify us via email at Membership can be terminated at any time by either the member or The Pottery Studio.