Do you offer outside firing?

We only offer firing services for members at this time. But we have just a two-month minimum for membership. All clay must be cone 10. Even if you don't use a shelf as a member, we still have you pick out one so it helps us see capacity, and it's handy for storing tools, bisque, etc even if you work mostly at home.

What's included with a month of classes?

When you sign up for a month of classes with us, you'll get the four lessons and access to the studio to practice between 10am and 10pm daily with the exception of other class times. Which we encourage! All other tools are available and firing is included. We include use of our class clay for all students as well. 

What if I miss a class?

You can make up a missed class by attending another - either the week before or after, or same week if possible. Just needs to be within the same month for which you've signed up. 

What do I need to bring to class?

Clay and tools are included! Just wear clothes you are comfortable getting clay on, and shoes that are suited for the studio environment. 

What if I want to move my class mid month?

We are not able to offer rescheduling outside of our 48 hour policy before the class begins; however we have an option for Rescheduling Flexibility. If purchased at the time of class booking, for $25 you can ensure that you can move to the following month if you notify us within the first 6 days of the month of classes you have booked. 

How do I sign up for membership. In person, or online?

We ask members join in person so that we can show you around and meet you!

You can join us as a member by coming by during our shop hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday noon to 4pm. This is so we can get you set up with a shelf, door code, and go over any other info. 

What is the difference between the Top Shelf Membership and the Regular Membership?

Top shelves are just the ones on the very top of the rows of shelving - they can house larger work, more tools, etc. All other rates are the same.  

What's included in the membership?


24 hour access to the studio, free bisque firing, $1.25 per pound glaze firing and $2.25 oversize glaze firing. Use of work tables, equipment, and our 25+ Cone 10 glazes. 

If I am a member, is there a discount on classes?


Classes and membership are separate, but if you are a member and want to take a class you can cancel your membership during your class and rejoin. We also occasionally offer workshops that we try to keep an accessible cost to encourage continued learning with members. 

If I am a member at one studio, can I use any of the other studios? 

Because your shelf is linked to your studio location, we ask that members work at the studio where their shelf is. If, for instance, your friend is a member at another one of our studios and you wanted to meet up with them to enjoy being in the studio together on occasion, you can request to do so by emailing us. 

I'm bummed about how my piece turned out. Who do I talk to?

 Email us! Send us photos and any information you have. We are eager to help and offer some guidance about what to expect with cone 10 firing and how to troubleshoot when things don't come out as planned. And it is really helpful for us to see the photos. We have a network of longtime potters and kiln builders who we can contact with just about any issue, and many of us have a lot of experience with particular clay or glazes that we are happy to share. Email us: clayandsupply (at)

Where can I get more info about the glazes you have?

Check out our resources tab!