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About The Pottery Studio

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The Pottery Studio began in Atwater Village, when our owner, Marshall Blair - who had been making plates and bowls for his restaurants since 2015 - purchased a gas kiln and invited a few other potters to help fill it. More and more potters came, so we started adding classes, and The Pottery Studio officially began.
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In 2018 we moved the studio from Atwater to our current spacious building in the Cypress Park neighborhood. The Pottery Studio has continued to become home for hundreds of potters, students and a vibrant ceramic community. Since moving to 2808 Elm St. the studio has grown to 400+ members with classes twice daily. Many of our original members still work in this space, as we continue to improve and open this labyrinthine building with its bow and truss architecture.


In February 2021, we opened our second location at 14943 Califa Street in Sherman Oaks, CA. As each studio continues to grow, the spirit and interest in aspects of ceramic work takes shape at each location. This studio is home to our first kilns by Paul Geil, who has constructed kilns for ceramic institutions nationally and internationally, and has provided incredible resources and vision to the firing process.

In August 2021, we then opened the Culver City location at 8455 Steller Drive. Originally a medical supply warehouse, we knew the location would be open, airy, and the ideal setting for a studio. After months of work to restore the building to its original splendor, we opened to fresh breezes and the beautiful natural light of the westside of Los Angeles. 

The Costa Mesa studio opened in February 2022, with fresh air and beautiful natural light to serve the Orange County pottery community. 

Soon the Chicago studio will open in the Bucktown neighborhood. 

As we grow we continue to adhere to the values that we feel best serve our pottery community in the studio - providing open spaces for anyone to work from hobbyists, students to professional and production artists. Providing classes to introduce and welcome anyone with ceramic interest to the studio; and always to continue learning and growing in our pursuits. 

For any inquiries about our studios, shops, or membership and classes, get in touch!