Cypress Park August Wednesdays 7pm-9pm: Intermediate Wheelthrowing

Cypress Park August Wednesdays 7pm-9pm: Intermediate Wheelthrowing

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Your first class will start on the FIRST Wednesday of the month August 7. Classes are for four sessions total.  Students are welcome to practice from 10am-10pm daily at the studio with the exception of other class timesYou have access to practice at the studio from 10am to 10pm daily during the month with the exception of other class times.  



Cypress Park Wednesdays 7pm-9pm: Intermediate Wheelthrowing 

Recommended for those who have taken our Returning Beginner class, or equivalent, within the last year at another studio. Equivalent would be 1-2 years of continuous practice and the ability to wedge, center, work with 2-3 lbs of clay, and comfortable trimming and glazing their work. Intermediate classes best suited for those students who want to work with more clay, larger forms, and are interested in more complex forms and surface design. 

Skills and techniques can vary depending on the group but may include:

  • Making sets, plates and larger more consistent forms
  • Better bowls
  • Lidded containers and teapots
  • Colored slips, sodium silicate, marbled underglaze techniques
  • Collaring, bottles and enclosed forms

WE RECOMMEND YOU PRINT OR SCREENSHOT THIS PAGE WITH ALL THE INFORMATION. YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE ADDITIONAL EMAILS. Sometimes certain providers flag them as spam or the email is entered incorrectly.  

Clay, Tools, Supplies

All clay tools and supplies are provided, please just come wearing comfortable clothes you are okay getting clay on. Some darker clays may stain, but our class clay typically comes out in the wash. Please note class clay is for studio use only and we ask students not make work larger than 10in in any direction.

First Class

Please arrive about 5 minutes before the class begins so we can check you in. At the first class we'll give you the student door code which works between 10am and 10pm daily with the exception of other class times. 

Door Code

We will provide a door code for student practice hours between 10am and 10pm with the exceptions of other class times at the first class. If you forget it or miss it no problem! Just email us and we will help you out. 

Age Requirement

Our classes are paced for and primarily booked with adults, we do allow ages as young as 12 and older, but ask that you visit us first if booking anyone into a class below the age of 16 to ensure that it is a good fit for them.

Cancellation Policy

By booking our class you will be agreeing to our cancellation policy, which is: 

With at least 48 hours notice before your class starts (your first class session) you may:

  • Reschedule your sessions for another month 
  • Cancel for a refund

After the 48 hour period, or if your class has started, we are unable to offer these two options, for any reason including COVID, illness, injury or unexpected travel.

 If you need to reschedule or cancel, contact us here.  Classes are offered in 4 week blocks and we are not able to separate the individual sessions. If you would like, we are offering additional Rescheduling Flexibility for $25, in addition to our class policy. You can add that option by clicking here. 

Missing a Class

The first class is foundational to the entire series; we strongly recommend that if you are unable to attend the first class that you consider joining us for another month when you can attend them in sequence. For the other classes, if you are unable to attend or miss a week, you can make it up by attending another regularly scheduled session. Please email us to confirm availability. 

Contact Information

Our email is

If you have any questions you can reach out to us! We also provide resources for our students in our resources and FAQ tab, so check it out! 

Location: The Pottery Studio | 2808 Elm Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065