Sherman Oaks February Thursdays 3pm-5pm Lamp Class

Sherman Oaks February Thursdays 3pm-5pm Lamp Class

The Pottery Studio
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This class is designed to teach you throwing skills for:

  • Throwing taller
  • Throwing more cylindrical,
  • Techniques for rounding and collaring.

It would be a good fit for students who

  • Can comfortably center 2-3 lbs at least
  • Are interested in shaping and preparing pieces to be used as lamps. 

This is mostly a throwing based class, which will also cover what you need to know when making a lamp in all stages - throwing for the correct fit, trimming for a cord, and then how to assemble your lamp with various parts and how to wire it. 

First two classes will be throwing, the third class will be trimming, and the fourth class will be an assembling and wiring demo. Lamp parts specific for your project will be available for individual purchase. 

 Location: The Pottery Studio | 14943 Califa Street Sherman Oaks 91411