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Cypress Park October Sundays 3pm-6pm: GLAZE CLASS

Cypress Park October Sundays 3pm-6pm: GLAZE CLASS

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Your first class will start on the first Sunday of the month from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Classes are then held on Sunday for four sessions total.  Students are welcome to practice from 10am-10pm daily at the studio. Access to the mixing lab however, is limited to class times. 

This class focuses on mixing and calculating glazes. It's a lot of chemistry, and more focused on being in a glaze lab versus making wares. It's ideal if you have some bisqued items to test your glaze batches on!

This class will demonstrate:

- Mixing and sieving a glaze

- Making test tiles and glazing combinations

- Glaze applications

- Troubleshooting common glaze problems

Note: By registering for your class online, we ask you read and understand our cancellation or reschedule policies here. 

Location: The Pottery Studio | 2808 Elm Street, Los Angeles, CA 90065